Left - Portrait photo by George Voulgaropoulos (2014). Right - Self portrait, digital painting (2011)Left - Portrait photo by George Voulgaropoulos (2014). Right - Self portrait, digital painting (2011)

Hi there, I’m John. 

This is my creative journal where I share my work on ideas and experiences that inspire me to live a creative life.

I like to document things so my love for lifestyle/documentary/landscape photography makes it fun to tell personal stories of people, places, events and projects. 

In 2015 I took a career break to spend more time doing things I love. I spent more time with family and friends, traveled, took more risks, ate way too many burgers and had an even more optimistic outlook on life. While my skills in the kitchen didn't improve much, I did make good progress in painting with watercolors and with digital illustration. I also invested more time in creative pursuits and this creative journal really gathered momentum.

Some themes that interest me this site may explore now and into the future:

  • A life of adventures
  • Nurturing a creative life
  • Environments - the natural and man made
  • The human condition
  • Living a balanced life

If you’d like to get in touch I can be reached by email (contact at johnkha.com.au) on twitter @jooonka or you can follow my work by subscribing to the different platforms I post to on Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest.

John Kha


Other tidbits

What I'm working on currently:

  • Assisting with photo editing for a curator's upcoming exhibition and accompanying catalog
  • Creating a section on the site to allow online ordering of prints
  • Digital landscape painting in progress - 5 hours into it, can't find enough hours in the day
  • I want to document some inspirations whatever they may be and share it on this journal, you know that feeling of finding a good beef burger and you just have to tell the world about it?

What I recently worked on:

  • The photo series Logbooks of Attic Cave was shot over 19-20 March on a camping trip in the Blue Mountains
  • Visual Journal of my study tour in South Korea and Japan (Dec 2015) - 90% complete and had to park my last post, may revisit the final post in future

What I'm hoping to work on soon:

  • I started a few paintings (watercolours and digital) done over my career break I need to finish
  • I have a few daunting photo projects I've never attempted to process - they're in the too hard basket for now

What I'm hoping to work on longer term:

  • Some project relating to a survivalist or zombie apocalypse theme (before the world ends, how's that for a SMART goal?)
  • I want to make a board game, totally fine if no one ever decides to play it...
  • Would love to illustrate a children's book one day, even if adults read it!
  • Paint a series of really awesome landscapes around a theme - not there yet however one painting at a time will get me there

​I'm sharing this because I'm a big believer in sharing your goals and seeing what might come from doing so!