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Self-Portrait, 2011Self-Portrait, 2011

This is my creative space where I share my work on ideas and experiences that inspire me to live a creative life and to make a difference with my creative pursuits. 

I'm fascinated with learning the intricacies of different art forms and presently use the following in my work:

  • Photography (documentary, landscape, lifestyle)

  • Video 

  • Traditional and digital illustration

  • Painting (gouache, watercolors and acrylic)

  • Woodworking and wood carving

  • Natural and man-made environments

Common themes explored in my projects include:

  • Natural and man-made environments

  • Makers

  • Creative processes and techniques (design approaches, design thinking, approaches to art forms)

  • Social impact

  • Physical and mental wellbeing

  • Personal stories

If you’d like to get in touch I can be reached by email (contact at on twitter @jooonka or you can follow my work by subscribing to the different platforms I post to on Instagram and occasionally Pinterest.

John Kha