John Kha | Between These Two Walls

From above, fractured. From the ground, invisible. From within, surreal and awe inspiring. Canyons are a sacred place.

Twisting and meandering, light and darkness combine to reveal the spectacular sculpted walls of slot canyons in the Blue Mountains. Serpentine passages have been gracefully and violently carved out over time by rapidly flowing water where creeks and rivers call home.

It's unsurprising those who crave adventure find their way here. The adventurous pursuit of traversing a canyon is known as canyoning. The path through a canyon is ridden with obstacles and hazards. Whether you walk, scramble, climb, jump, abseil or swim, any combination is an option.

The challenges. When you enter a canyon often the only way to leave is to continue down the rabbit hole until your no longer between two walls. Depending on who you speak to, that first experience can be frightening or exhilarating. Your comfort zones are challenged. Your fears validated or extinguished. Confronted with fight or flight situations, you soon realise fleeing is not an option and there's no one else to rely on. Everything you were ever told not to do growing up contradicts what you need to do in this moment and you take the leap of faith.

The rewards. The moments you pause, breathe and gaze around you. Between these two walls, you look back from where you came, reflect on what you overcame to get here and look ahead with certainty despite what may be unknown. You look up at the sun beams as they trickle light down the walls. The experience is humbling, and it reminds you what it's like to feel alive. Between these two walls there is life.

This collection on the slot canyons of the Blue Mountains began in 2009 and would not have been possible without the help of my good friend Neil "Polar Bear" Roberts.

Location: Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia
Note: The photos in this collection are currently not for sale, if you are interested in purchasing a print please let me know through the contact form/email/social media.
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