John Kha | Guided by the Lights

The truck pulled up at the edge of the expansive lava field. We hopped off and gazed ahead at the barren landscape obliterated by lava flows. I felt a sense of awe and eeriness as I wondered whether I had just seen the beginning and end of time! Right on cue it started to pour down with rain. Great. No time to ponder dramatic apocalyptic thoughts! Our journey across the lava field in pursuit of flowing lava against the setting sun had just begun!

This walk was an experience I'll never forget, it engaged all my senses. The sound of crunching glass below each step. The warmth of the sun on my cool damp skin. The reflection of the sun's golden rays as they illuminated the crystals on land. The violent smell of sulfur as we drew closer to the lava. The mesmerising allure of lava as it crept desperately towards the freedom of the ocean.

Coming soon: Six photos from this collection will be available for online purchase soon.
Location: Kalapana, Island of Hawaiʻi (Big Island), 2012
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