John Kha | Hand Made Projects
An introduction
This collection features all my hand made projects made from wood, at least for now. I've always had an interest in making things and being self-sustaining. One of my boyhood dreams was to invent things so this has been a fun outlet for me.

Background to these projects
In 2013 I bought an Opinel knife - a simple folding knife produced since the 1890's in France by a family-owned company. I would sit in the yard whittling twigs and branches while enjoying a cup of tea and one day had the idea of whittling a spoon as a gift for my wife Liz as we were due to move into our new apartment. With each fine shave from the block of beechwood I could see the spoon take shape. I was hooked and wondered what else I could make?

I was excited by the possibilities to to fill our home with our own creations and next decided to create a bench I could use while learning to play the keyboard. While my attempts to play the keyboard were an utter failure, I was thrilled with this simple bench assembled all by hand tools.

Over the next 12 months I completed the set of furniture pieces and learnt a whole lot about tools, techniques and myself in the process. I'm most proud of our coffee table, 4 weeks of tough labour using all hand tools.

The principles I've tried to work to on these projects:
  • Keep it simple
  • Minimise the tools required to do the job
  • Use hand tools as much as possible
  • Maximise use of space and functionality
  • Reduce wastage
  • Don't be afraid to improvise along the way
  • Add my own signature style
  • Have fun while making!
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