John Kha | Inspirations

Who doesn't love a good list?

Here's a list of what inspires me that hopefully others may find as interesting and useful as I did and I'll continue to add to these.

I've grouped the inspirations by the following topics and sorry I know there is some overlap!

  • The Arts
  • Personal Growth
  • Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity


If you have any recommended resources I can check out I am always looking for new inspiration.

The Arts



James Gurney – Illustrator and Painter (Creator of Dinotopia)

Noah Bradley – Environmental Concept Art and Illustration


Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton

Inspiring reads

How I became an artist, Noah Bradley


Personal Growth


Inspiring reads:

The Making of a Corporate Athlete, HBR, Jim Loehr and Tony Shwartz

The growth mindset, Carol Dweck (Stanford University Professor)


TED Talks:

The power of believing that you can improve, Carol Dweck (Stanford University Professor)

Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity



Business Model Generation

This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases

Creative Confidence, brothers Tom Kelley and David Kelley from IDEO


Tool kits

Design Kit by IDEO

Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, Canvanizer

IDEO Design Kit



Google Trends

Google Correlate


TED Talks:

Do schools kill creativity? Ken Robinson (adapted with illustrations)

Institutions Institute of Design at Stanford

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) at UNSW

U.lab at UTS


Collaboration platforms:



Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) sites

IDEO U: Design Thinking Online Courses

Khan Academy