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Logbook entry dated: 10/2/15
Dear visitor,
If you are reading this, then you also have stumbled your merry way through the bushes to this cave of sorts. Geologically speaking, I don't know that caves have a memory, but if you leave your mark in this book, then it will always know you came to a place at a time, and maybe you even enjoyed yourself.
Yours profoundly,
Chelsea + Matt

The Logbooks of Attic Cave
While out on a camping trip my friends Jackson, Ethan and I stumbled across a cave known as Attic Cave in the Blue Mountains when we tried to take a shortcut up the mountain from the valley where we were camped.
We discovered a tin box wrapped in plastic perched perfectly on a rock in the centre of the cave. It contained 2 logbooks and a copy of the Bible and a few other bits and bobs left behind from fellow travellers.
The cave is reasonably well frequented as there's an easy entry point when travelling down the mountain. I was really impressed by the self-organisation of these logbooks and the entries were hilarious with most entries filled with positivity.
I've selected 7 entries from the bluebook and 18 entries from the red/black book to share.

A few interesting tidbits:
- The blue logbook is numbered #4 with the first entry dated 23/5/2008 and the last dated 5/12/2015.
- The red and black logbook is numbered #5 with the first entry dated 27/3/2016 and the last entry 20/3/2016 being our group's entry.
- There's a reference in one of the entries referring to a previous logbook accidentally ending up in the fire.
- I have taken photos of all pages filled out in both books up until our last entry on 20/3/2016 where there were 22 blank pages remaining.

Note: If you're written in these logbooks and somehow have found your way here please let me know if you want your page featured from my archive or your name blurred out or removed if you don't want it shown.

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